About Us

Our ‘About Us’ page would like to thank you from the bottom of its heart for visiting.

It doesn‘t get a lot of attention usually, as people are busy surfing other ‘cooler’ pages. The fact that you voluntarily decided to come here means a lot. Honestly.

Who are we ?

For us, Cluesstyle is the spirit of looking at things differently.

Trying new things even when success is not guaranteed.Not stepping on others to get ahead.Thinking about the benefit of others just as you’d think about your own. This was the spirit on which Cluesstyle was founded in 2016. With the belief that a business cannot be about financial gain alone.

It is about making a positive impact. That’s what Cluesstyle is about.

Making an impact through innovation, honesty, and thoughtfulness.

Why we’re called ‘Cluesstyle’

It makes for a great pun on the word ‘sold’, since we ‘sell’ stuff. Smart, right? But more importantly, Cluesstyle was born out of the idea of loving what you do – “Following your soul & style .” The philosophy is that life is short. Don’t spend it doing something you hate. There are too many Monday mornings, and you can’t go dreading every single one of them.

We, at  Cluesstyle, love what we do – designs, products, content, and everything in between. Our goal is to give everyone something they’ll love, something they can use to express themselves, and, simply put, something to put a smile on their face. So whether it’s superheroes, TV shows, pop culture, music, sports, or generic funny stuff you’re looking for, we have something for everyone. Because each person is a special snowflake, whether or not they believe it, and they deserve only the most insane merchandise available out there! So if you relate to the feeling, and believe in following one’s heart (soul), hop along on this wonderful journey of ours, and help us spread the love!