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“Minimalism is not about having less. It is about making room for more of what matters”

We all have seen #minimalism while scrolling through social media across fashion posts, influencers posting their OOTD.

But minimalism in fashion is much more than a use of single color or a trend of simplicity. It is an aesthetic that is tightly connected to a broader spectrum of social development and continuously reinvented and adapted to fit different eras.

The possibility of a few items of clothing might excite you because getting dressed in the morning would be that much easier, or it might make you cringe because getting dressed in the morning would now be super boring.

Judd described his work as “the simple expression of complex thought”, which sums up the aesthetic as it exists within fashion

What does a Minimalistic approach mean?

A minimal approach to fashion, as opposed to a minimal aesthetic for fashion, is more about the attitude and thought process behind things than it is about your color palette (or lack thereof) or the specific number of items in your closet.

Did you know that the average person only wears 23% of their wardrobe on a regular basis? That means 77% of those clothing items we simply couldn’t live without spend the majority of the time on a hanger in the dark, while we reach for the same well-loved dress or sweater again and again and again.

Be like Marie Kondo

We live in a country of maximalism – from our idols, mythology, attire and rituals. Our local fashion has always been dominated heavily by crafted textiles and embellishments. There is a need for some freshness, of simplified design, not just in clothing but also across all different aspects of our lives. There is a progressive inclination to minimalism. 

A couple of things which help maintaining a minimalistic outlook around fashion are 

  1. Developing a wishlist
  2. Visualise your Outfit formula
  3. Set rules before you buy

Use minimalism privately as a tool to focus less on consumption and more on health and relationships, experiences and creativity.

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